as3 Native Cursor Manager

Basically the main advantage of as3 development is the multi-platform support.
It is understandable that a typical user does not care about that and he wants the best performance on the platform that he has picked.
Usually while distributing applications people forget about the little things like showing the busy cursor. While in native code there always is a function for showing a busy cursor in flash using the native busy cursor isn’t so easy to show because in native code it disappears after the function ends.
I’v made this simple class that has only one function – Showing the busy cursor similar to the native ones. I’t is different dependently on the platform.
On Mac Os:
On Windows 7, Vista:
On other versions of Windows:
On Linux:

Grab the code on Git-hub:

import pl.mateuszmackowiak.visuals.CursorManager;
// to show the busy cursor

// to hide it

Also want to mention about AIR 3 Windows-x86 Native Extension for Taskbar (Progress) API.
These are small things but they really make a difference in the overview of the app.

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