Adobe Air Native Extension System Properties IOS / Android

New update on the as3NativeAlert and my older post:.

Added support for the SystemProperties class for IOS.

Available parameters for IOS:

  • os – like in Capabilities
  • UID – the UDID of the device
  • name – the name of the device
    • Usage:

      	var dictionary:Dictionary = SystemProperties.getProperites(); 
      	for (var key:String in dictionary) 
      		var readingType:String = key; 
      		var readingValue:String = dictionary[key]; 
      		trace(readingType + "=" + readingValue); 
      	dictionary = null;

5 thoughts on “Adobe Air Native Extension System Properties IOS / Android

  1. katopz says:

    thanks for sharing, btw i think UDID is deprecated via iOS 5.1? and apple will reject any app that access it (rumor)?

  2. Using CFUUIDCreate is not so straightforward because the generated number diferent every time it is called but saving it only in air application it’s not enough to keep it beacause in case the app was uninstalled the number will not be remembered.
    So there for it must be saved to system main properties.
    Because the UDID is deprecated it will be removed in the next commit and replaced with UID.

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